Our Gelato is milk based, made with fresh NZ milk and cream. We batch-churn our gelato, and don’t pump in any air into our product like your standard ice creams, meaning we don’t have to add loads of fat and sugar to compensate. This means a denser product with less fat and sugar than your regular ice creams, packing a punch full of REAL flavour!

Sorbet & Sorbetes

Our Sorbet is 100% plant-based, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free and soy-free (except for our chocolate flavours which contain small amounts of soy). Our sorbet contains REAL fruits, no artificial flavours, colors, just pure goodness.

Our coconut-based flavours (sorbetes) are also plant-based, but have a more creamy mouth-feel similar to the gelato.


Did someone say vegan cookies?! Our chewy cookies are perfect for cookie-gelato sandwiches, or have them on their own! 100% plant based! YUM!

Note: In the cookies that contain chocolate chips, the chocolate used is made by a manufacturer who also processes milk chocolate in the same premises.