Q: Where can I buy your gelato & sorbet?

If you are in New Zealand you can purchase our gelato/sorbet from our online store (COMING SOON), or call us to see what’s available and schedule to pick up from the Freezeria. Otherwise, check out our STOCKISTS page for more details.

To find us at your local, you can request your local supermarket or cafe/restaurant manager to contact us, and have Zelati on their freezer shelves, so that you can experience real, authentic gelato and sorbet!

Q: I have a party/event coming up, can we order gelato/sorbet?

Yes! We can supply Zelati core-range flavours in our 5L tubs, or 120mL single serve tubs - perfect for events! Just call or email us, and we can arrange for pick up.

We can also supply you with cups, spoons etc.

Q: I have an idea for a new flavour, can you make it?

Of course! We can collaborate with you on new, fun flavours for your menu, retail range, or special event. Contact us to discuss.

Q: Do your products contain GLUTEN or NUTS?

Our core-range does not contain gluten, however we do have some special requests come through our lab (like donut gelato, yum!). Some of our flavours also contain tree nuts (peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts). We have controls to avoid cross-contamination, but please note that everything is made in the same kitchen space, so trace amounts might be present.

Please read the labels carefully, or contact us if you want to know more!

Our cookies do contain gluten.

Q: Do your products contain EGG?

No, none of our products contain egg.

Q: Do your products contain SOY?

Our Chocolate flavours contain a small amount of soy, which is an ingredient in the chocolate that we use. Our other flavours are now SOY-FREE.