Gourmet Gelato & Sorbet

Made in Wellington, NZ

Welcome to Zelati.

Here you can dive head-first into pints of our creamy Gelato and Sorbet, or take a joy-ride in our gelato ambo, perfect when you need your emergency fix!

We make everything from scratch to deliver the goods, using techniques learnt from the best of the best in Italy!

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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Zelati Gelato and Sorbet is batch-made and hand-packed from start to finish using only real, premium ingredients to make an all-round delicious product! Everything is made at the Tawa Zelati Freezeria, a purpose-built gelato and sorbet lab.

Careful thought is put into the creation of each flavour. We pasteurise, age, infuse and churn each delightful flavour for our customers.

Our gelato is made with fresh New Zealand milk and cream, and the dairy-free sorbet is 100% plant-based, made with real fruits as opposed to pre-mixes and gelato pastes.


Raspberry Velvet Sorbet

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"it is striking how clean and refreshing each flavour is, delicately balanced…"

— FishHead Magazine (2013)


Mango Magdalena Sorbet


It’s a family thing.

Est. 2009

Zelati is proud to be a family-run business.

The journey started as a fun project, taking food-trips attending chocolatier courses. Alberto’s travels eventually took him to Italy, where he trained as a Maestro Gelatiere and learnt the art of gelato-making from the best.

Taking his knowledge back home, the initial testing and production runs took place in the family’s garage which had been converted into a commercial space. Many late nights were spent brainstorming, developing and perfecting the recipes (with the family as very willing taste-testers).

The youngest member of the family also grew up with food allergies, so it was important to create a range of products that could be enjoyed by everyone.